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"Each Life, Each Color" is the online store of contemporary fiber artist Hidemi Shimura.

  1. Detailed
  2. Elegant
  3. Comfort

With these three principles in mind, she creates her works mainly with threads.

New Arrival

In a World of Mass Production, Crafting One Unique Art Piece with Time and Care

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  • Material and Technique

    She uses intricate methods, like wrapping embroidery thread around acrylic boards or rods, or carefully crossing multiple threads to create tension.

    Material and Technique 
  • Artist's Background

    Contemporary artist Hidemi Shimura primarily creates colorful and intricate mixed-media artworks using embroidery thread. She has exhibited her work extensively in Japan, as well as in China, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States.

  • Philosophy

    The world around us may seem chaotic at first glance, but in reality, there is harmony, and by stepping back, we can discover a new beauty. In this way, I express the relationships between the world around us and people through my artwork.

    Philosophy behind the work 

Silent Invader

about "Silent Invader" series

The Silent Invader series, a timeless creation since her debut, encompasses approximately 300 pieces scattered worldwide. Created from acrylic boards coiled with embroidery thread and featuring a unique blend with barcodes, These artworks highlight the artist's unique combination, mirroring the fusion of human artifacts and the world surrounds us.

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Parallel World

about "Parallel World" series

This series was created in 2018 as a result of mastering the evolved technique of coiling thread around square rods. By combining a transparent acrylic rod with silk embroidery thread coiled around it and an acrylic mirror, a world of depth is expressed.

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Morning Dawn

about "Morning Dawn" series

The "Morning Dawn" series is made by coiling cotton embroidery thread around cardboard. By placing a round mat in the front of the deep frame, the work is made to resemble the landscape and hues of a morning sunrise.

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about "Small Art a Week" project

The 'Small Art A Week' project entails completing and uploading one small artwork every week. It's an experimental endeavor that doesn't adhere to the usual format of my artwork series. From this, a new series might emerge.

the Others

about the other series of artworks

Other series of works are more conceptual and contemporary, such as experimental works combining various techniques and materials.

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