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Parallel World (MINI_22)

Parallel World (MINI_22)

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Size of work 10x10x1cm (Framed size 21.5x21.5x3cm)
Year of production 2019
Mixed media - embroidery thread (silk), acrylic mirror board, acrylic rod, double-sided tape

*Price includes frame.

Because it uses a mirror, the expression changes depending on the space in which it is placed and the viewing angle. Using a silver frame that matches the artwork, this artwork can be displayed in any direction you like, up, down, left or right. Open the back of the frame and turn it in the direction you like.

Embroidery thread (silk), acrylic mirror plate, acrylic rod, double-sided tape

A cut acrylic stick wrapped with embroidery thread and pasted onto an acrylic mirror board.

We generate our own environment. We get exactly what we deserve. 

From Richard Bach's "ONE"

Is this a world we really desire?
Is there any ideal world somewhere else?
What do we do there?
What kind of scenery can we see there?

When I get a little bored with my everyday life, or when something difficult happens, I think about the parallel world and wonder what I'm doing there. I feel like my world is expanding.
In this parallel world series, I want to express a feeling of excitement and relief by imagining other worlds.

The combination of colors in my work represents the world that surrounds us. This world is full of various people and things. If we focus on the small details, we find that people sometimes don't get along with each other, and things don't mix well with each other.
When you look at this work up close, you can see that colors that don't match are placed next to each other, but when you look at the whole thing from a distance, it looks surprisingly beautiful with any combination of colors, and the places where many colors intermingle are rich in color. There seems to be no room for theory.
The world around us may seem chaotic at first glance, but it is actually in harmony, and by taking a step back and looking at the world from afar, we can discover new beauty and harmony.

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