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Each Life, Each Color

Boundaries -greedy-

Boundaries -greedy-

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Material / Technique:
Sewing thread (cotton), Japanese paper, embroidery thread (silk), Kent paper, acrylic paint, acrylic board and stick, wooden panel
* Sew Japanese paper over and over again with sewing thread by sewing machine. Rinse the sewn Japanese paper with colored water, and dry it. Stick the dried Japanese paper on the background. Add a lot of silk embroidery threads that are stretched straight and fixed.

This artwork is one of the "Boundaries" series that focuses on human weakness.
The reason why I decided to focus on "weakness" this time is that in the world around us these days, it seems that it is good to be strong and to work hard. However, despite the hardships around the world due to the Covid-19, it may have helped us realize that we are not that strong.
With this as a trigger, I feel that the weak parts of people are taken for granted, and by considering each other’s weakness, something like new strength is born. These threads in this artwork expresses the two sides of human weakness and strength, and our history that will continue forever.
A person's life is often compared to the flow of a river, and each life becomes a line. Long lines, short lines, straight lines, winding lines, and completely different lines are intricately overlapped to create a world that surrounds us. The lines created by the threads in this artwork represent the boundaries created by those innumerable lines.
At one time, it has a fluttering and gentle delicacy, at another time, it has a taut strength, and the thread shows various expressions depending on how it is used. At times, we humans are at the mercy of the flow like a thread floating in water, and at other times we push forward with a strong will like a straight thread, creating a new world in the future.

Note: The background of the work has letters painted with phosphorescent paint, and the letters stand out when viewed in the dark. This means that the negative part of a person is exposed only in the dark.
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