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Each Life, Each Color

We Need Entertainment

We Need Entertainment

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It is the Olympics right now and I am bored because there is no TV in my room.
So I made a piece of artwork to appeal to the need for entertainment.
It is a combination of the word "ENTERTAINMENT" with glittery alphabet stickers, embroidery thread wrapped around a piece of cardboard, and pinned embroidery thread.
Then I noticed that I was able to spread the thread on anything with a diagonal cut edge!
I tried it once on a piece about 7-8 years ago and thought it was no good because I couldn't do it very nicely at the time, but now I can.
This experimental small piece is what I make for that kind of testing and experimenting and making new discoveries, and it seems to be helping me in my production.

Since it is postcard size, it is perfect to give as a gift!

100 x 148 mm (postcard size)
Mixed media - embroidery thread (silk), cardboard, alphabet stickers
Completed on 2021.07.27

This is the second work of the new experiment "Small Art a Week," in which at least one experimental small work is created each week.
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